Monday, April 20, 2009

Sewing Together My Portfolio Site

I've never sewn before. I surely have never sewn a website together...until now. Last night I planted myself on my bed with my miniature sewing kit and a jug of cherry Kool Aid and began working on my portfolio site's identity. Because of my concentrated interest in women artists, especially women who recreate conventional roles that have been expected of women, such as quilting, painting on pottery, or even ornately arranging found objects on window sills and on top of furniture. Women who inspire me are Sabrina Ward Harrison, the Sayre women, Toni Morrison, Joyce Carol Oates, Margaret Atwood, Zadie Smith...the list is exhaustive. What i'm drawing from these women is the shared theme of going beyond what has been a metaphorical barrier of what is possible for women to do. As a female artist and writer, I've surprisingly heard even in the 21st century stinging comments about where a woman's place is in both of these worlds. Strongly going against this stigma, my design portfolio has remnants of my cultural past as I have tried in my own vision to allow the vision of my feminine genealogy show through, but I have also worked tirelessly toward making something new and and original while managing to also hold meaning. A huge portion of my work is within the handmade tradition and I constantly am using found art of mine within my design process. The quilts of Gee's Bend is what I think of mostly when I look over my initial design concept for my website. The tradition of paint, sewn type, and other elements of image of women are important elements that I want to reverberate throughout my digital portfolio, but I also would like a sexless identity that reaches out to an audience that can appreciate the work without any necessary identity. I'm excited about where my site will go even though getting it off the ground so far has been in the most literal sense painstaking as I have prodded myself with the sewing needle several times. As a consequence, i've learned the value of a thimble placed on the right finger. Finding roots while finding an identity that accurately portrays the self is my mission and i'm trembling with excitement as I see myself allowing it to take form.

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