Monday, April 6, 2009

Portfolio Site Concept

Taking the recent Portfolio Review advice to show myself for the things I am most passionate about, I'm going to take the direction of making a website that is not the ubiquitous "vintage" site, but rather a reflective handmade site that feels like the design of my book Homage To My Body and the two years of the Prism literary magazine that I have designed. The site will be functional within the standards of CSS, but I want to make sure that it also is dimensional and feels like one of my found object style projects. A particular artist that I am drawing my inspiration from is Sabrina Ward Harrison. Her work is profound and if my site can ground even some of the type of energy that hers does, i'll be satisfied. In my site, I also will be focusing on making a tight portfolio rather than a larger and more expanded site like my first portfolio site. Mike (former President of AIGA-Raleigh) voiced the importance of not showing all of your work online so that there is more to offer once you are offered the opportunity of a job or a specific client. Between now and the rest of the week, my job will be not so much the gathering of my portfolio pieces, but instead getting a batch of strong digital images of the final products and begin collecting material that I want my site to be constructed from. It's strange to think about my collective process these days being as much a digital scavenge as it is one carried out through magazines and piles of other people's junk.

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