Monday, April 27, 2009

Recipe for Insanity With A Side Of Disaster

To concoct insanity with a side portion of disaster, do the following:
Give two weeks to complete a portfolio website that, content and vision wise, should take a summer.
Add 21 hours of coursework.
Set timer to week before exams.
Mix in alcohol and lots of high-fat foods.
Bake in Senioritis because everyday you work on the project it is sunny outside.
Cook in insomnia and borderline meltdowns in a weeks time to translate your vision into the rigid and vengeful world of Dreamweaver.
Let cool only after eminent destruction lies ahead (exams from Hell).
Serve to the professor for a taste test, hopefully not too much will need to be revamped for the final recipe.

I'm exaggerating just a little, but it's not too far from the reality i'm facing. I know it'll be worth my time and my extreme panic-attacks in the long run, but right now I want my website concept to just fall in my lap rather than struggling to scan odds and ends, decide how large the site really should be, and perfectly mesh everything into the CSS format I want for the site's architecture.

My site feels like a jigsaw puzzle of pieces right now. I need to complete the complicated yet beautiful piece in a seamless and short-term manner. I'm living on a prayer right now. Seriously.

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