Monday, March 30, 2009

Project One: It's a wrap

Realization of the oncoming due date for project one no longer is the primary subject matter for my nightmares. I'm actually feeling good about the progress thus far made on my site. I'm not by any means near the finish line, but I'm on a steady pace that is a sure sign of finally "getting it," something I've not felt like I could say about web design until this week. It's hardly fathomable that I have not only learned but been capable of applying the entire Adobe Suite in four years. Four years may not sound short, but considering my simultaneous juggle with the other 100 or so hours of my liberal arts double major and several monstrous papers i've written in my English major in preparation for graduate school AND working 20 hours a week at a part-time job for part of my educational term in nothing less hellish than retail....i'm doing okay. I am absolutely obsessed with the written word in its form and in it's mechanism and there is a parallel in the mastery of the discipline of design that drives me toward wanting my ideas spread so badly, that the struggle toward learning the language of different programs is entirely worth it. I've never been someone that has been afraid to take something apart and allow things to get messy for the sake of a process that gives way to translations of the fruits of my mind. The Dead Poets Society says it nicely; "No matter what people tell you words and ideas can change the world." I've not encountered many people that would dispute this statement, but I do believe that one of my greatest personal struggles has been wanting to be at the finish line even before I ever start the race. I'm forcing myself to run and do my time just like everyone else because even if I try and convince myself every time otherwise, the finish line is never worth it unless you give it your all to get there. How I can even compare the elements of web design and css to triathlons seems out there, but the point remains. I'll even admit that often web design makes my heart race as hard as the forced mile runs I made in middle school and high school, sweat and all, all for the cause of the gratification that lasts.

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