Wednesday, March 25, 2009

CSS Hell

I'm so worn down and frustrated.

Our first CSS-based site deadline is creeping up slowly and I feel nothing short of unprepared.

As of right now, i'm functioning on hope that I will somehow stop freaking out and then simultaneously figure out how to translate my ideas into Dreamweaver and the style sheets. I already was aware of my feelings for web design prior to the class and now I feel like I am free-falling into a new world of unfamiliar discipline and rules. The larger part of me wants to give up but then the smaller part reminds me of the moments where I make my breakthrough and urges me forward. I've barely touched the surface of the world of web design and because I can't see the bottom, I'm tightening up my life jacket. Coming from someone who has never done anything in this world that was wonderful without hours and hours of sweat and tears and only rarely blood, it's never worth it to give up if you want something bad enough. Even though tonight i'm coming to class with something I'm not necessarily proud of, i'm coming with an attitude that I can learn from the experience and have a phenomenal amount of growth between now and next week.

Who knew web design would provide these moments of reflection?

I didn't.

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